Kingdom of Love is an electro-groove pop band featuring composers/producers/vocalists Richard Lamphear and Linda Viens, drummer Johnny Berosh, and bassist Zack Facco. The band fuses rocked-out electronic beats with world-class pop savvy.


Linda Viens began playing music with the gift of a classical Mexican guitar from her Dad for her 12th birthday. In college she got into punk rock. She played drums and sang in the punk band, Children of Paradise, went on to lead local roots rockers, Witch Doctor, sang cabaret with collaborator Catherine Coleman in Les Chanteuse Sorcieres, and formed the notorious funk orchestra Crown Electric Company with her ex-husband Wayne Viens in the mid-nineties. Linda was a founding member of Boston Rock Opera and has performed in many musical theater productions, including Sgt. Pepper, Jesus Christ Superstar, Abbey Road, Preservation, and Billion Dollar Babies vs. Aqualung. Linda has produced and recorded with some of Boston’s finest including Mark Sandman (Morphine), Asa Brebner (Modern Lovers), Tanya Donnelly (Throwing Muses), Jon Macey (Fox Pass), and released the album Powdered Pearls with Emily Grogan with their band, Angeline in 2006.  Linda’s current musical project is called Kingdom of Love which she co-founded with her creative partner Richard Lamphear.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Lamphear strummed on his first guitar – a Mattel – at age 5 in Gary, Indiana. He went on to found the punk/New Wave band Amoebas in Chaos, toured in the U.S. and in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and composes, produces, and mixes in his home studio in Belmont, MA. His musical interests include everything from The Monkees to Sonic Youth. Richard’s current musical project is called Kingdom of Love which he co-founded with his creative partner Linda Viens.  Richard recently finished Kingdom of  Love’s first EP “Ghosts”, now being distributed on CD Baby and streaming on all major music sites.

Johnny Berosh is a drummer, cable television producer, and comedian.

Zack Facco is a local musician hailing from East Boston and currently haunting East Cambridge by way of Seattle, WA. He’s the leader of rock rascals, The Facc-Tones, and a member of Kindom of Love and the MOONMUSICA collective, a free improv group with regular appearances at the Outpost 186 Gallery.

The Facc-Tones home page: http://thefacctones.com
Zack’s home page: http://zackfacco.net

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