Boston Groupie News Reviews “Ghosts”


Kingdom of Love is the latest band of Linda Viens and Richard Lamphear. Linda’s credits go way back in the Boston scene. She’s been sought out continuously by groups as a vocal sweetener to projects of all styles. On this CD (and live) they add musicians to make a full group sound.

Kingdom of Love has two genres covered in Ghosts: pop and electro pop.

“Play It On” starts with a solo piano that puts you in a quiet place. Linda’s voice comes in and sweeps you along into a song of heartbreak. It’s a perfect romantic tune you would be hard pressed not to give into.

“When You Follow” is the other pop effort. They successfully capture a slice of noir. At the beginning the atmospheric background travels from left to right speaker. They manage to record a perfect noir trumpet to color the piece. They also have some muffled vocals kicking in here and there. Here is a group that can use the studio like an instrument to deliver what they want.

“Two Souls” is an electronic ditty which also displays the melodicism that is actually in every song on the CD. The melody and the singing raise this above similar efforts out there.

“Starmates” show they have assimilated their Bowie influences. It captures that Major Tom/cosmic feeling with the programed electro beat.

“Karma Song” is more 80s electronic music done up to the T. The guitar intro riff nails it too.

It’s easy to listen to this over and over and get some new nuance and appreciation every time.